Couriers/Messengers Software

Many success stories are attributed to the use of our online sofware. Whether you are just starting or already have a fleet of drivers, MyDispatch can help you streamline order entry, dispatching and billing. After 20 years of helping people like yourself, we understand the time-sensitive nature of the courier business. That is why we made MyDispatch as easy to use as 1-2-3.

Once you start using MyDispatch, it will be your best friend. A powerfull system for timely and accurate billing not only helps streamline operation but it also helps increase cashflow. We can help you build your customers profile, compile your price tables using actual driving distance for your area and print customers bills. Our staff will walk you through the steps and get you started.

You may create a full-working account and explore MyDispatch by yourself or call us for a step by step walk-through Start free trial menu is simple and straight-forward:

  • Compiling a list of your customers in Client
  • Entering your orders using the Order option
  • Dispatching the job and satisfactory completion of the delivery (this is what you do best!)
  • ACCURATE Pricing of your deliveries based on distacnce, zip, weight or other factors.
  • TIMELY Invoicing your customers
  • Quickbook integration

The following is a summary of MyDispatch features:

  • Order entry/dispatch & billing
  • Built-in mapping & routing
  • Worldwide street to street accurate driving distances in Miles or Kilometers
  • Built-in web interface for courier customers to place orders online
  • Built-in vehicle tracking & two-way text messaging
  • Scheduling and routing
  • Ascending/descending ordering of jobs in various orders
  • Built-in caller and reference names
  • Support for unlimited number of common drops and pickups for each customer for fast/accurate data entry
  • History log to record field changes for operator tracking
  • Lookup buttons for most required field to make data entry a breeze
  • Unlimited driver distributions on each order
  • Price ticket by mile, zip, weight, custom pricing formula
  • Memo and Doc button to add text or multiple documents to every order
  • Quick by name retrieval on Name, Street, City or Zip fields. Just type a few letters and hit Enter
  • Start at any size and grow with MyDispatch